Thursday, 15 July 2010

On Sat Navs and Autism!

I love my GPS Garmin running watch! I really like knowing how fast I am running, and being able to see where I have been, the distance I have covered and so on. This is great when I run along footpaths and country lanes and gives me a real sense of where I am. We have a new Sat Nav in the car, and I find this has the opposite effect. I drove to Maisons Laffite, then around Paris to Disneyland and then back home earlier this week and have no idea of the route I took. I just obeyed the instructions issuing forth from the little black box and arrived safely at each destination.

Now on to autism. I was in a queue at Legoland today when I got smacked in the back. I turned round, ready to tell one of my children off, only to realise that it wasn't my child, so I gave the child a Paddington Bear instead. This brought forth a tirade from the mother! How dare I look at her child like that, he has autism and doesn't know what he is doing. Child obviously did know what he was doing, and liked the response he got from his mother and punched me in the back again - this time a lot harder, and right where I slipped a disk a few years back. The pain, though short lived, was agonising, shooting down my right leg. But apparently it was my fault for upsetting the boy.

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