Monday, 19 July 2010

Grumpy runner!

I was really looking forward to running this evening. I'd planned a route that would finish at my gym so that I could do some Power Plates and then walk home. I wanted to go alone. I get so little time on my own that I love running by myself. Time to think, plan, and just let my mind wander. Stephen has other ideas. He wants to run with me, but doesn't want to run my planned route because I am so slow on the long (2mile) steep (10%) hill that he has to wait at the top. I pointed out that we didn't run well together yesterday (awful 6 mile run, every step was a huge mental and physical effort) so maybe we should run separately, but I get rebuffed. I got changed, huffily, into my running kit, and we set off. I didn't instigate a single conversation in the entire 5 and a quarter miles! Maybe I need to take my iPhone and headphones with me to really make the point clear!

It should have been a lovely run, up a gentle incline all the way out, and then downhill all the way home, in beautiful sunshine and 27 ÂșC along pretty country lanes, but I was cranky and resentful all the way. I do feel a bit better after a shower and a drink though.

I wonder if I burned off enough calories to make up for my latest addiction, Mocha Frescatos from Costa? Thanks must go to Cerys for introducing me to that one before she disappeared back to the land of the espresso!

On a cheerier note; here's one of the official race photos from the British 10k. Not too bad, i have no recollection of seeing any race photographers so am surprised to get any photos! It looks sunnier than I remember. I was amazed to see women, at the start, with full makeup on - I 'glow' so much that the makeup would slide off!

I've also had cautiously optimistic news about finishing my PGCE. A friend is a deputy head teacher and I am in the process of negotiating a placement in her school. The school is a long way from home though, so I will be travelling for 3 hours a day and, because they already have a student in the science department for the autumn term, I couldn't start until January 2011. I have told my friend that I will go ahead and make all the arrangements, but if the OU come through with something nearer and/or sooner I will drop out of the placement. She is happy with that, and I am happy that there is at least light at the end of the tunnel. I hope the OU find me something nearer. The thought of all that travel on top of all the lesson planning and trying to keep up with everything at home terrifies me! Running would be a casualty of this situation - let's be honest, it would be seriously reduced on any teaching practice placement. I wonder if it will still be possible for me to run the Bath Half and the Brighton Marathon on just one long run a week? I can see that the half might be viable, but the Brighton Marathon might have to fall by the wayside!


  1. No one said anything about blame.... I think I thanked you! The Costa coffee company certainly thanks you ;-) I do try to limit the damage by not having cream on them too often. I have found that the quality varies from location to location with Alton (luckily) and Festival Place being the best (so far) and Fleet being the worst. Obviously this requires further investigation and means that I will have to sample many outlets to assess quality!