Thursday, 8 July 2010

A much delayed blog post!

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to keep my blog up to date. Our trip to France was lovely, although I did find it somewhat hotter than I was expecting (35c most days) and the mosquitos seemed to single me out for attention!

Since we got back we've had friends to stay, been to the Hampton Court Flower Show (once to the gala preview evening and once to the RHS members' day), done the end of term thing for the younger three children, attended a couple of parties, I've been to my last governors' meeting, been to a farewell meal for our local vicar (also a governor) who is leaving to move to Chesterfield, and a trip to Legoland. I always get a bit emotional at the end of a school year. My children have had wonderful teachers and we will miss them. It is especially sad to think that I will, for the first time in over a decade, not have a child in the Nursery at Alton Convent School . The four children who have been there have been really wonderfully looked after, with such a gentle introduction to school life that has done wonders for their confidence. Esmé hasn't quite got the hang of this summer holiday business. She went to bed last night, having broken up at lunchtime, saying that she'd be in Mrs Love's class (reception) tomorrow. I explained that she had the summer holidays first. "But we had summer holiday today Mummy. I want to go back to school now!" was her reply.

I have managed to fit in some running. It isn't going well. I feel slow and achey, and am dreading the British 10k on Sunday. It is going to be hot apparently, and the fact that there is no graduated start means that it will be crowded and stressful at the start. My hip hurts all the time, it is no better or worse if I stop running, but it does slow me down. It took me 36 minutes to run just over 4 miles this evening, so the chances of me getting a PB, or even coming close, are very slim. Part of me wants to pull out, but I do like the race buzz! And I get a train trip on my own afterwards! What luxury - just over an hour with no one talking to me!

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