Saturday, 17 July 2010

Shoe envy, and, oh, some running!

It occurs to me that I haven't actually mentioned running in a while. I am still very disappointed about my British 10k time. Slightly less fed up with my overall position and the fact that I was the 170th woman to finish (25,000 people took part). So, onwards and upwards, or get out there and run longer and faster! I've been running three times since Sunday. Monday and Tuesday were a right off, running wise, as I was driving too and from Paris, visiting friends and walking around Disney. I ran on Wednesday with Stephen - my old 3 mile route around the village that I used when doing Couch to 5k, on Thursday I ran 3.66 miles, finishing at Stephen's shop, before a brisk 2 mile walk (in just over 28mins) home with him. Friday saw me waking up with a howler of a sore throat, I sat in misery watching sports day in the drizzle and decided that running was not an option. Thanks to our lovely neighbour Charlotte and her gift of some Dequacin lozenges my throat is now under control (and I have to agree with her that they really do taste of pure, distilled evil) and I am running again.

Did just under 4 miles today, the first part of the run I used to calibrate my Garmin footpod. I figure this gadget will come in useful for running on the treadmills at the gym, and this might motivate me to do some proper speedwork. Then again, maybe not.... I do know that my average cadence is 89 strides per minute, I have no idea if that is good or not though! I wore my new purple Asics Kayano 16s for the first time, they looked very pretty as I plodded along!

Tomorrow I am due for a long, slow run. Stephen is coming too, so it will probably be a bit faster than I would normally run a slow run, if that makes sense!

And now to shoe envy! A friend of mine has just acquired a pair of gorgeous shoes and I wantthem! I really do! I haven't felt such lust for a pair of shoes for a very long time! I know that they will be very comfortable, as this make always are, even when they have the pointiest of pointy heels, so a pair of wedges like this should be divine! The site they are on only have them in a 40 - but I am a 39/40, and they are on sale. They are a massive 50% off. I am aware that 'a massive 50%' is somewhat tautological, but come on, 50% off - wow! And they are gorgeous! I've seen them on, they look lovely. They might just be the thing to tempt me back into 'real shoes' after a spring and summer spent in Fitflops.

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