Friday, 16 July 2010

The Problem With Per Una!

I like Per Una clothes from good old Marks and Spencer. I've bought a fair few items from them over the years. Their jeans are fantastically comfortable, they do affordable tops and skirts that are suitable for work as well as casual wear. Most conveniently, they have a small Per Una in our local M&S 'Simply Food' shop.

The problem is that a large proportion of the female population seems to share my view. I find myself going off items of clothing in my wardrobe because I see so many other women wearing them! I keep wondering if I look that awful in the floral blouse I bought a couple of weeks ago. Does it stretch and strain with buttons bulging on me too? Do these women not look in the mirror before they leave the house in the morning?

I've already, largely, stopped buying clothes from Boden because so much of their stuff is instantly recognisable (although have just won a £100 voucher for them so will have to spend that on something nice!) so I am running out of options for reasonably priced clothing!

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