Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Back to school, back to reality

So... back from Paris, but oldest son isn't back from ski-ing! Children are back at school - one has moved schools, so while I still have 2 schools involved on the school run at least the three who can't walk home on their own are all together so I don't have to try to be in two places at once at 3.30pm every day. After 2 days back (middle child has moved back to the school he went to for Nursery) I think we have made the right choice - he is so happy to go to school, loves being with his old friends, is still happy when I pick him up, and eager to do lots of work for Mrs J because 'she doesn't shout at us all the time!' Probably easier not to shout when you only have 10 in a class rather than 30!

Went for two walks on Sunday, over 7k delivering leaflets/flyers for husband's shop and then 5k with the children across the fields. No idea how long the first walk was as mapmyrun can't really take into account walking up to every single front door!

Yesterday I ran 6.5k. I have to say that eating sensibly again makes the running much easier. I don't feel as though I am trying to run through oil. I am going to take it easy and not run today as I am off to Bath on Thursday and have decided to set myself the challenge of running the half marathon route (I'll be the person running with a map in my hands looking lost) so need to conserve my strength! Psychologically I think I need to know I can run that far - even if it takes (and it will) a long time. Then I can train in the knowledge that I can actually do it! I've been leafleting yesterday and today too, so active even if I don't run!

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