Monday, 5 April 2010

I sometimes wonder!

At the beginning of March, soon after my oldest child got out of hospital I told my husband that I wanted to start running more seriously again. I looked about and found some races I want to do, as I need a goal to keep me motivated when training. The Bupa 10,000m on May 31st was the first one that looked like I could go to and where he could look after the children. I remember the conversation - he said that he couldn't have the children because it was the last Sunday in May, therefore he'd be at a bookfair, I said no, it was Bank Holiday Monday, and he'd be able to bring the children up if he wanted to (the older ones were quite excited about seeing me run in such a nice race), so he agreed that it would work. By this time I had missed out on all the public places and had to go for one of the few charity places remaining (got the last Cancer Research place!) which meant committing to raising £500. This fundraising target is far more stressful than the thought of running the race! I'm not worried about a PB on this race as apparently it is not well organised so has a very slow start.

Today husband comes home from a fair he was exhibiting at (he sells rare books) to tell me he has signed up for a fair on the 31st May - and claims that I hadn't mentioned the race to him at all! He was a bit shamefaced when I recounted the conversation to him, and pointed out that the link to the race was in all my bl%dy emails - but really ARGH!!!! I know getting to London isn't a big deal, but I was counting on having him either looking after the children at home or looking after my car keys etc. while I race! And the start time isn't on the website so I can't even plan if getting a train would work! I am sure things will work out - but it sometime seems that my plans are of no value.

No running today. I know I need a rest day, but it means that I feel ansty - especially as the weather was beautiful today. Today involved making cupcakes for a fundraising event at school and buying school shoes for the children. Thankfully only two pairs were needed this time - so only a small mortgage required!

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