Sunday, 25 April 2010


It has been a while since I posted here. I find myself having to grab a moment here and there to write, never getting enough time to say what I want and invariably I post the blog and thing 'Oh I forgot to mention x,y,z!'

So, I've been to Bath with my husband, who was exhibiting at the Bath Antiquarian Bookfair in the beautiful Assembly Rooms. We went down a day early (and when I say early I mean early - we were there by 9am), and enjoyed a lovely, child free day just mooching around, met a friend I last saw at school (over 20 years ago) for lunch and caught a film in the afternoon (The Ghost - don't bother - not a patch on the book it was based on) and in the evening (Date Night - very funny)!

Stephen was up early on Friday to set up the fair, I went for a run. I've been watching what I eat recently, just 1 carbohydrate meal a day (porridge for breakfast) then protein, vegetables and a little bit of fruit for the rest of the day - it is a way of eating that seems to work for me, but on Thursday I'd missed the carb meal and had a cooked breakfast instead. I had no energy for running at all on Friday morning! I felt like I was dragging lard legs along the floor. I struggled to do 6.5k! The first 5k were in and OK time (about 26mins - nothing spectacular!) but the last 1.5k were little faster than a walk. I can't blame the hills of Bath either, as I ran along the path by the river. Shame really as it was a beautiful morning in a lovely setting.

The bookfair was quiet - damn this recession! Edward Bayntum-Coward (of the famous bindery in Bath) gave Stephen and I a fabulous tour of the bindery. Book binding is a real art as well as a craft, fascinating to see it in action.

On Saturday we met up for lunch with another old friend of ours, we hadn't seen Belles since our youngest's Christening, and we got to meet her lovely baby for the first time. Lunch at The Circus was lovely - I can't recommend that place highly enough. Other foody delights were to be found at The Bertinet Kitchen a glorious bakery where the bread sells out by about 11am. I had a lovely chat with M. Bertinet about bread making and came away with a book, a proving basket, a bag full of bready treats that I am going to suffer for eating (I don't eat wheat) but which will be worth it. Gorgeous bread!

Back home now, in the thick of it all. Eldest child is back from Vermont, jet lagged, in quite a bit of post operative pain from the appendectomy in early March (thankfully he has a consultant's appointment tomorrow), and youngest son has to go to grading for his green stripe karate belt soon - so once again I have to dash off!

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