Sunday, 18 April 2010

Too much food and too little running!

Got back late last night from a few days staying with friends in Maisons Laffitte, a lovely suburb of Paris. Weather was stunning, company fantastic, wine and food plentiful and good. I managed two 6k runs in the 4 days I was away, partly in La ForĂȘt de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and partly around the streets of Maisons Laffitte. The forest is famous for its prostitutes, but I didn't see any, running on the streets was interesting as the architecture is so different to home. No rows of cloned houses, lots of variety and boulangeries on random corners.

In addition to running, we had a lovely day out in Paris, walking around the sites before a quick visit to the Paris Bookfair (at the Grand Palais - quite a change from the Royal National Hotel in London). Lunch at Au Petit Riche (foie gras, very non PC, but very lovely) with another friend who was in Paris for the day. Friday (our wedding anniversary) saw us at Disney. My husband had never been to Disney before and was only going to humour me, if I say that we both left with annual passes will that tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves? Brilliant fun - think I may have whiplash though.

Meanwhile, oldest son is stuck in Vermont. He was supposed to be home this morning, but thanks to the ash cloud he is not expected home until 'Friday at the earliest.' The resort was supposed to have closed this week, but has stayed open as the children are back there and they are getting another week of ski-ing! Three days of snow are forecast too - so that should be lovely.

We were on Eurostar - so although it was very busy on the train we got home safely. Bit of a shame really, as it would have been nice to be stuck in Paris!

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