Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday!

Today I woke up expecting the children to clamour for chocolate eggs, but none of them seemed bothered. Instead we loaded up the car an piled off to Legoland. I think half the country had the same idea, but we splashed out for Q-Bots and the queues weren't too bad. The older two children went off on their own, keeping in contact via mobile 'phone. We had our share of tantrums, my husband does not understand that a trip to the gift shop (or shops in this case) is an integral part of 'a good day out!' The children and I would forgo lunch for the chance of buying tat to take home whereas lunch is an important part of the day for him!

Anyway, home at about 4pm, out running at 5pm. I love these light evenings. Had intended to take it easy after my long(ish) run yesterday, but ended up running quite a way - took a punt on a footpath to get me home, and ended up getting lost - the signs for footpaths are not terribly informative, they just say 'Footpath!' That's nice to know, but it really would be useful to know where they lead to, and I ended up walking around a deserted farm yard trying to work out where I was supposed to go! Thanks to the recent rain the going was heavy - slipping and sliding in the mud brought back memories of cross country at school, but at least they let us off games when it started to hail. Hail stones hurt - a lot! Most of the run was sunny though.

Back home to children who had belatedly remembered that they were supposed to get chocolate today - so were somewhat hyped up on sugar. Bed time for the younger ones, then Jonathan Creek and House for us grown ups to watch while I carried on knitting socks. Rather a good Sunday! Must remember to cook the beef, that I bought for lunch today, at some point soon!

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