Saturday, 3 April 2010

I didn't run yesterday due to grotty weather and equally grotty, not to mention snotty, cold, but spied a bit of blue sky through the bedroom window this morning and decided to see if a bit of fresh air would blow away the cobwebs.

Lovely run there seem to be a few more uphill stretches than I remember from last time, but slow time due to the need for a pit stop! This is when wearing a fluorescent neon pink running top could be a disadvantage, I had to go off off off road to ensure that I couldn't be seen! Oh to be able to pee standing up.

The roads were very wet from the recent rain - often flooded across the width of the road and several inches deep. Paddling through these probably slowed me down a bit too, (7.58 miles in 1hr 16mins) and meant I spent too much time looking at the road ahead rather than the stunning scenery - that is one advantage of the hills I suppose.

In today's other news - should I worry that my youngest child just ate an entire boiled egg including the shell? An if anyone spies a deep purple running vest please point me in the right direction!

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