Friday, 9 April 2010

Heavy breathing, Easter Egg hunting and Titans!

What fabulous weather! Was actually quite warm as I went for today's little jaunt around the countryside! Around 19C! Lovely. Ran just over 7 miles, only had to answer the 'phone twice on the way - what the school uniform shop must have thought of me puffing away as I answered questions I don't know (was on a bit of an uphill stretch when they called!) Husband is used to my heavy breathing ;-)

I've been getting a bit hung up on speed, or lack thereof, recently, but figure as I've increased the distances I run by over 100% since the beginning of March then something had to give! I think I'll continue running similar distances with just the occasional longer run thrown in until after my the Bupa 10,000. Tomorrow I am off to investigate a new footpath, that should help me extend one of my current routes without being killed on a busy main road.

Had a lovely Easter Egg hunt at a friend's house this afternoon, and then yawned my way through 'Clash of the Titans' at the cinema this evening - I blame the prosecco consumed at the Easter Egg hunt for that!

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