Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Thirteen years ago today...

... I was holding my newborn firstborn child in my arms after 36 hrs of hard labour! He was such a wee scrap of a thing, reluctant to breath after the ordeal he had but us both through but instantly adorable.

Today he is a lovely, loud, confident boy. He is taller than me, has size 9 feet, but still dances with his old mum in the kitchen when no one is watching. One day he will get the hang of the length of his arms and legs and stop knocking things over, soon he will work out the volume control necessary with his new, deep voice. Despite the teenage angst, huffs, grumps and arguments I feel so lucky to be watching him growing up.

Time really does go by too quickly. In four years time he'll be able to apply for a driving license - how is that possible? And his siblings will be getting more and more grown up too. I thought I'd miss the baby days but there is always so much going on in a house with so many children that I just don't have the time to miss them. Oh, and watching all the mummies struggling with their HUGE buggies at RHS Wisley today convinced me that some things are much easier as the children get older.

Parties are easier too: after opening presents this morning he went off into the local biggish town to shop with three friends, returning home at about the same time I got back from Wisley. Candles were blown out and cake was eaten, but that was the extent of it. I suspect he will carry on celebrating on the school ski trip to Vermont next week.

No running today - no time available as birthday boy and his father are off to see 'KickAss' at the cinema. I know, I know - it is a 15 , but he has snuck in before and probably will do again.

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