Thursday, 29 April 2010

Happiness is...

... a pair of earphones that stay in your ears for the entire run!

Have been up to London to do a bit of shopping. New trainers, Mizunas - a brand I haven't tried before, earphones with flexible earhooks that I can make small enough to stay on my ears, a pair of the most ugly running socks ever made (they will have to be stunningly amazing for me to wear them regularly) and a pair of Oakley sunglasses. (I also bought some pink FItflops and various other bits and pieces - but this is supposed to be a running blog!)

Lovely day, lunch with a good friend *and* lovely goodies to carry home. I was so keen to try out my new toys that I threw supper at the children and went out for a run. (7.1km in 38mins) to test them out. The trainers didn't give me any niggles, the earphones were fab - stayed put all the way, rather than me having to fiddle with them. I left the sunglasses at home as it was cloudy. Wish I'd taken them with me as there were so many bugs out and about. One flew into my eye and I had to try and fish it out, leaving my contact lens in place, while running up a hill! Don't know how many of the little critters I've eaten today.

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