Thursday, 13 May 2010

10 miles is a lot further than 10 km!

Mentioned to someone that I'd run my first 10 mile race and they said 'Oh, but you used to run a lot of 10k races - so 10 miles isn't that much further!' She was a non runner and, I am beginning to think, a non mathematician! 10 km is, well, 10 km, 10 miles is 16.1km - that is a whopping 6.1km further than a 10km race. That's quite a long way - it is twice the distance between here and my nearest supermarket and most people jump in the car to get there!

I've decided that I need to train myself to be less competitive. I will never be a fast runner, I started too late, have the wrong physique and don't dedicate enough time to training to even come close to people who are fast for my age. I love running, it is good for my health and mental wellbeing, and need to learn that this is all that really matters. I am in awe people I know, who at age 50+ can run a marathon sub 3hrs 30mins - I'll never do that - but hats off to Jo!

With this in mind (the non competitive thing!) I've just entered the Brighton Marathon for next April - there is no way I will get a fast time. I've got a target time in my mind and will work towards that. It isn't fast, but it is, I hope, respectable. It is a week before the London Marathon, so if I get a place in London I'll defer my Brighton place. I think they factor that in to the numbers they allow to apply as they ask if you have also applied to the London ballot.

So, what ever happens I'll be running a marathon in April 2011. Eek! I said I'd never do one, that I liked 10k and would stick with that! 2.5 months back into running and I've already broken that resolution and done a 10 miler. I've just got to remember to enjoy running for the sake of running, not running to chase a personal best etc. I think a few runs without a watch are called for.

In other news....

No running for me today! Sorted out a HUGE load of books that came into the shop today and then off to Fat Olives for lunch with a friend. I devoured: asparagus mouse, asparagus and quails eggs, salmon with a mint and pea cream sauce, (washed down with a lovely Macon Fuisse) rhubarb clafoutis and rhubarb sorbet with a glass of pudding wine! I wouldn't recommend lunching this way every day as I spent most of the afternoon trying to stay awake, but once in a while it is nice to have a bit of a blow out!

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