Monday, 10 May 2010

Today's customer service award goes to....

.... Sweatshop at Harrods!

I bought a pair of running shoes from there a week or two ago and, because I was in a hurry, I believed the salesman when he said that he didn't need to see me on the treadmill to know that they were perfect for my feet.

They weren't. I wore them twice, once for 6 miles and once (last Sunday) for 10 miles. It felt like I had strange boxes attached to my feet - almost as though my feet weren't attached to my body. I thought it was just a 'new shoe' thing, but the morning after I ran 10 miles in them I woke up with a really achey left hip. The shoes were offering no support for my overpronation, and as a result I had thrown my hip out.

So, I bought a new pair of shoes (from the lovely people at Alton Sports) and thought that I was just going to have to chalk it up to experience and live with being £80 out of pocket for a pair of trainers that I would never wear again. On a whim, late on Saturday evening, I emailed Harrods, via the 'Contact Us' button on the website, and outlined the problem. I said I was disappointed in the lack of service, and despite being a Rewards Points Junkie (TM) I would not be inclined to make any further purchases from their sports department. I really didn't expect much of a response.

Yesterday evening (yes Sunday!) I found an email in my in box, apologising profusely for the 'appalling' service, offering me a full refund and refund of either first hour's parking in the car park or postage costs and promising to ensure that the member of staff concerned receives more training - the treadmill and gait analysis video camera is right there in the department, they may as well use it! So shoes have been boxed up and sent on their way back to Knightsbridge via Recorded Delivery, and I await my refund with my faith in good customer service restored.

In other news....

I am feeling a bit stiff this morning, but miraculously my hip feels much better! Maybe running 10 miles in running shoes that fit properly has bashed my hip back into shape. I plan a short run later today to test it out. I may even run with my husband, who has started running again after a long break due to a back injury.

I am still disappointed about the way I ran yesterday - which is silly as my target was to run around 1hr 30mins - and that is what I did. I just know I could have done better! Also - the official photographer's photos of me running for the finish line are really awful! I am grimacing and look as though I am in real pain, which I was, but I made a conscious effort to smile for the photographer. Either my smile is very odd or he took the photos when I wasn't looking serene and lovely!

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