Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Right, just got another new pair of shoes, because I wasn't feeling the love with the other pair! They didn't offer enough support for my overpronation, and my hips suffered after my long run on Sunday.... so back to local running shop, and the assistant I like, 10 pairs of shoes and probably a mile or two on her treadmill and I have another pair of Asics!!!! Kayano-16s this time - super sexy white and gold.

Took them out for a run (4miles in 36 mins) and they seem good - like old friends rather than something new to get used to. The run was OK. Just as I was despairing of bl%dy nature as I ran through swarm after swarm of midges the most amazing thing happened. If you live in this part of the country you'll probably have had the 'stop the car quickly to avoid the deer crossing the road momment,' well I had that today when running! 6 deer came through the hedge on my left hand side, bounced across the road and then into the open field to my right. They ran so gracefully and effortlessly I felt like a carthorse in comparison!

But, sheesh - those midges! I'm beginning to think training in the winter will be better! Much easier to put on a jacket and a hat than to spend a run swallowing the little b*ggers and running while waving my hands in front of my face looking like a madwoman!

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