Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Today's witty comment

Today's witty comment came from the man serving me in WHSmith. I approached the counter with a copy of 'The Knitter' and a copy of 'Runner's World.' Man behind the counter said 'Oh, a magazine for you and one for your husband.' For once I had a clever reply. 'Oh yes,' I said 'My husband loves knitting!' Seriously - is it so unusual for one person to have more than one interest in life?

Yesterday I went for a run with my husband. This is a very rare occurrence as a) leaving 5 children home alone is not always a wise move, b) I jealously guard my 'me' time, and c) when fit he is a lot faster than me, and that is just plain demoralising. He is recovering from a back injury, and has only been back to running for a week - so I wasn't too worried about being left standing. We didn't go far, about 2.5 miles, at a fairly gentle pace. My legs were screaming in protest at being made to work again after Sunday's exertions. It was nice to chat as we ran, but I really do prefer running on my own.

Today I did a slow 4.5 mile run. Listening to an audio book ('House Rules' by Jodi Picoult) on my iPhone and to the aches and pains in my body. I choose an audio book over music when I want a relaxed run as I don't run to a beat - just as I feel like running. I do wish the weather would make its mind up though. Was dark, overcast and chilly (especially in the wind) when I set out, had a few minutes of blazing sun and lovely warmth, and then brooding storm clouds again.

In other news, my elder daughter is part way through her KS2 SATs week. Can't say it has made a huge difference to the stress levels chez nous! We are having issues with our eldest's school - he missed half of last term due to a gangrenous appendix, and the school are being less than helpful with helping him catch up. We had to beg and grovel for the three small bits of work that they managed to give us while he was away, they didn't tell him he would have a maths test (on work that hadn't been sent home to him) in his first week back, and none of the teachers have provided us with any of the information we asked of them as we'd missed parents' evening. I've spend today contacting schools, rearranging ultrasound scans, and generally working my way a little further down my 'to do' list without any sense of having really achieved anything.

Never mind.... this time next week I'll be in Paris! And to keep me happy in the meantime, here are some lovely tulips I saw outside school today.

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