Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election night!

What a day. I've been for coffee with friends, seen Iron Man 2, done the school run, voted (explaining everything to an attendant eight year old) been for a run (more of that later), watched my middle child sing his heart out in his school's festival of arts, entered another race and am now waiting for cup cakes to finish cooking while listening to the election coverage. So far only one seat has declared.

Iron Man 2 was OK, not as good as the first film, and a bit slow in the middle - although this tedium was relieved by a 'phone call from a friend asking me for bread maker recommendations! The school festival arts was lovely - lots of the children's art work on display, short plays and musical performances in the drama studio, I didn't know that Hamish could sing, but he had the lead role in his class's production, and sang beautifully, filling the hall without any amplification. I know I couldn't stand up and sing solo in front of a crowded room, let alone sing a solo while remaining in character and acting at the same time.

Somewhere in the midst of school runs and voting I managed to fit in a quick run. Obviously the psychology of saying 'quick' run works - I only ran 3.36 miles, but did that in 26 minutes - so 7 mins 44 secs per mile - which is faster than I have run in a long time. Weather was rather lovely - warm and sunny, and running home from the town centre, rather than along country lanes meant that there were far fewer bugs to avoid swallowing, even if I did have to slalom around pedestrians. I had lovely new tights and top, capri length tights and vest top that match - I am sure that looking nice (or thinking that I look nice) makes me run better. I have a sore hip though - so will 'rest' (cue hollow laughter at the thought of resting with 5 children) between now and Sunday. I am looking forward to the race, and don't want to aggravate my hip before then.

In a fit of madness I have just registered online for the Paris - Versailles : La Grande Classique on 26th September, this looks like an interesting 10 mile race, which would necessitate a stay with my lovely friends in Maisons-Laffitte. I have registered for Run to the Beat (half marathon) on the same day, but the temptation of finishing a race at Versailles is quite strong! A lot will depend on whether I am teaching or not in September. While a trip up to London is manageable while on teaching practice, a trip to Paris may well be out of the question.

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