Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Too, too tired

I am so tired today that I have decided not to run! I did do 2 and a half hours walking around pushing leaflets through doors, so I haven't been totally inactive.

I ache all over though, so I have been eating lots of lovely fresh fruit and trying to put Sunday's 10 mile race out of my mind (who am I kidding? I rushed home to see if my race programme had come in today's post and was disappointed when it had not!) This is the first race I have done since June last year, and I am worried about it. I told the girl in the running shop that I was doing it just as a training run, getting back to having a race head on, and that I wouldn't want to put the youngsters to shame. But I know what I am like - I will want to do as well as I can. In my head I know the time I am aiming for, and know how upset I will be if I don't come close - which given the way I feel today is quite a possibility!

I'll go for a shortish (4mile) run tomorrow evening and then take it easy until Sunday I think! Hips are complaining too much to risk anything more!

Voting day tomorrow - who knows what the results will be, I will be up late watching the results.

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