Saturday, 8 May 2010

Fashion crisis!

I'm having a footwear crisis! What to wear tomorrow? My mizunas have done 16 miles, not caused any blisters, but threw my hip out so they are not an option. My old Asics are probably a bit beyond their sell by date, but my new Asics have only done 7 miles. No blisters caused by those 7 miles, but it is early days and 4 miles in to a 10 mile race is not the time to discover that they rub like mad in one place.

At the moment the weather is cold and miserable, with more of the same forecast for tomorrow. I am trying to gauge how much time I'll have to spend standing around waiting (and freezing) before the start. I'm going on my own, as Stephen is working in London, so won't have anyone to chuck my sweatshirt too as I wait to start. Hopefully the organisation will be nice and smooth.

Maybe I need to devise a 'lucky running kit' that I wear for all races - that would certainly take the hours of indecision out of the choice. Alternatively, and this is the route my husband prefers, I could own just one of everything to eliminate choice. Think I'll wear my 'Running4Women' vest as I don't mind sticking safety pins in that one, and because being a member of Running4Women gave me a discounted race entry fee! Shorts/capris/long running tights will be a weather influenced decision. I think a cap will be a necessity, but worry that it may be too dark for me to see where I am going if I wear my shades! Off out to see 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' this evening, which is showing at our local cinema. The screen is only just bigger than our TV at home, and fresh pop corn is not an option. I hope that the film is good! I've been raving about the books for ages.

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