Sunday, 2 May 2010

So pumped!

I am so pumped! I just ran 10.15 miles!!! I have never run that far before. Not fast, 1hr 33min 29 secs, but I did it!! Now all I have to do is run in a similar time in the race next Sunday and I'll be about halfway down the womens' field. I will know the route next week too - so that should help. Oh, and I won't have been up until the wee small hours drinking and dancing next week - so that may help!

About a mile from the end some friends of mine drove past, she is also a runner and they waved and smiled - amazing how much that picked me up and gave me a boost to keep going. I now feel confident that, come September, I'll be able to run a half marathon, and am toying with seeing if I can get a place in next year's London Marathon - so yes it is official - I have lost my marbles...

Last night's 'drinking and dancing' was in aid of 'Friends of Frensham School' - lovely ball. I am sure the headmaster won't mind that I snorted champagne all over the place within seconds of meeting him - I wasn't even drunk at that point!!!

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